About Chiropractic

The chiropractic care offered at our clinic is both gentle and state of the art. The care addresses your total health. All related health concerns are explained in a reasonable and logical manner. Referrals are routinely made to other specialists for any healthcare issues outside of our scope of practice. Working diligently with other healthcare specialists helps to build your trust in us and, also, helps you to achieve optimal health and well being.
Chiropractic care is a very effective way of reducing musculoskeletal stress, resolving acute or chronic neck or back or extremity pain and injuries and lessening and/or preventing imbalances in your muscles and joints. Chiropractic focuses on restoring normal motion and function in the neck, back and extremity areas. Through the gentle techniques referred to as “adjustments” the patient’s body can function with the following:

  1. Optimum Range of Motion & Function
  2. Reduced Muscular Stress
  3. Reduced Pain & Discomfort
  4. Reduced Nerve Pressure
  5. Improved Muscle & Joint Balance & Integrity

In this manner, you can experience less pain and a better quality of life. Moreover, you can enjoy normal and customary activities of everyday living. Our ultimate goal is for you to have the best and most comfortable healthcare experience possible and, of course, to be pain-free. Welcome to our family!